Top 10 Political Leaders of India 2013

In the run-up to election year, all bets are off. The usually aloof Sonia Gandhi is more visible, and so is populism. Narendra Modi, by jumping onto the national scene, has ensured there are no simple calculations. Political analysts are forced to work out equations in various scenarios – NDA without Modi as prime ministerial candidate and a diminished NDA with BJP projecting him as the man to lead the party.


Top 10 Political Leaders of India:

  1. Sonia Gandhi
  2. Narendra Modi
  3. Rahul Gandhi
  4. Manmohan Singh
  5. Chidambaram
  6. Mulayam singh yadav
  7. Ahmed Patel - Political Secretary to Sonia Gandhi
  8. Sharad Pawar
  9. Nitish Kumar
  10. L.k Adavni

Top 10 Political Leaders of India Top 10 Political Leaders of India 2013

Source: Indiatoday Website

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